A Woman Is A Woman -女人就是女人 

This is a heavyweight production of our Association.  Over the past years, we have collected many stories about transwomen which is now integrated into two artificial transgender characters in a feature film named "A Woman Is A Woman".  We hope to educate the public that while transwomen are fragile and subject to bullying, they are just like any ordinary persons and should be loved and respected by all.  The film is now complete and we have also organized a few premiere shows.   At present, it has been selected as the unveiling movie of the Hong Kong Independent Film Festival 2019.   For other festivals, we will announce as soon as we have further news.   Our aim is to show this film to 200,000 people and let the society positively understand transwomen to remove the age-old stigmatization on them.   Our production team will be mainly female,  hopefully to demonstrate that women are equally capable like men in film production.  Our production crew has been more or less formed.  We will work together to produce the first and good all-women feature film to testify our ability.  

Main Characters :



The production of this film is supported by the following organizations:

​LUSH Asia Limited,Apple Daily Charitable Foundation, HER Fund, Pure Art Foundation, Equal Opportunities Commission, Global Women Fund, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Women's Commission. 

Hong Kong Transgender Stories is the first short film produced by our Association.  It is around 20 minutes and has been shown free by invitation to interested organizations with good positive feedback.  Anyone interested in inviting us could choose "Contact Us" from the Menu and send us a message.  We will make the proper arrangement at our earliest convenience.

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